Adams & Associates, Inc. (A&A) is a premier event design and show management company. With an international reputation for dramatic technical and creative presentation, our team has flawlessly executed projects for Fortune 500 companies, global entertainers, and major trade associations for over 30 years, throughout the world.

We address all components of major events in a highly coordinated and efficient manner. From initial concept to show look, pre-production, production and broadcast, our focus is always on the client’s objectives. Whether supporting a simple workshop environment or staging a complex multi-country keynote and product roll-out, we view every project as a unique opportunity to express key messages with consistency, passion, and cost-effectiveness.

Although A&A owns and employs some of the most sophisticated technical systems in the world, we know the finest equipment is only as good as the operators behind it. Our crews are comprised of the most experienced and skilled personnel in the business, each chosen for specific roles and responsibilities. Our reputation for flawless execution has made us a consistent choice for many of the world’s highest-profile CEO’s.

Built on a foundation of cutting-edge technology, show management, and customer service, we seamlessly integrate creative development, video and multi-media production, and visual design. The result is dramatic, strategically effective theater, staged with impeccable attention to detail. 



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With thousands of events and locations worldwide under his belt, Steph is an industry leader in staging and production. He has witnessed many key moments in tech history, and has presented them to the world. With a degree in broadcasting, he began his career decades ago in rock ‘n’ roll and satellite communication. Despite his broad experience in entertainment, Steph’s corporate friends continuously called on him to run their events. He subsequently refocused on what he calls corporate theater, and that was the beginning of over 30 years producing large-scale events. In addition to his production and technical expertise, Steph has been very successful in engaging some of the world’s most passionate corporate leaders in close and productive conversations. He naturally and consistently calms the emotionally charged world of corporate presentation. Steph’s genuine and sincere confidence, his “even keel”, is perhaps his greatest production asset.

Working with such visionaries as Steve Jobs and Tim Cook, Steph has led the production for Apple’s most significant events, from the iMac rollout in 1998 to the most recent iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch launches. He has also supported our era’s largest performing artists with all aspects of their production, including venue management, technical support, live video production, large screen support, audio, lighting, staging, and satellite signal distribution. His client list includes Apple, Pixar, Disney, Cisco, Amgen, Grammy Foundation, AT&T, Intel, and HP.


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