Built upon a foundation of world-class technology, show management, and customer service, Adams & Associates seamlessly integrates cutting-edge creative development, video and multi-media production, and visual design services. The result is uncompromisingly dramatic, strategically effective theater, staged with impeccable attention to detail.


Production Management

We listen to what our client wants, then we apply the appropriate personnel and technology. We design and engineer stages, produce exciting visual media, provide the world's finest video and computer projection, the best possible audio and lighting, and then we can broadcast the whole thing across the planet.




Simply stated, we provide THE highest quality projection services in the world. 



From the breakout room to the grand hall to the internet, our engineers and sound designers develop seamless, powerful audio communications. With a reliable and trusted crew, top of the line equipment, and a proven track record of satisfaction from our clients, we are sure to meet the audio needs of your event. We can do everything from implementing surround sound into a large scale theater to the simplest of set ups. We pride ourselves on having the capacity and the know how to get the job done, whatever your needs.    


Video Production

Our capable crew includes some of the most seasoned and skilled people in the industry, who specialize in creating and capturing dynamic content and managing unadulterated signal paths that ensures your audience is seeing the best possible version of your production. We’ve been in this business since its infancy and work hard to stay at the cutting edge of the technology and the medium. It's at the core of who we are as a company. As the market changes and media is consumed in increasingly diverse and abbreviated ways, you need a company that has its finger on the pulse of the discipline. A&A is that company.


Broadcast video & Transmission


You’ve captured your audience and now you need to reach them. A&A has been at the forefront of broadcast and satellite technology since it's beginning. We have long standing relationships with the best in the business and years of experience broadcasting content around the country and around the globe. We can help make sure you get what you need and get it to the people you need to reach.




By integrating artful design and advanced technology, lighting establishes the mood and enhances the drama of every presentation. From subtle corporate stage lighting to the most elaborate concert display, our team is equipped to design a look that will suit your event and tell a compelling story.


Design & Drafting


From concept to CAD to completion, A&A invests serious time and effort into the planning, documentation, and review of all design choices. We maintain a staff of talented designers and drafters using the latest software that can virtually stress test and assess ideas from every angle at the get go.  We believe meticulous design development and evaluation is critical to getting everyone on the same page, confident, and assured of their event prior to ever stepping foot in the venue.



A stage is more than a "set". Our event staging - whether simple or complex, passive or dynamic -- provides the right environment for delivering focused messages and telling compelling stories. We pride ourselves in our attention to detail, ensuring that each build is seamless, clean, and beautiful. 





Hanging record breaking loads from historical buildings takes skill, precision, engineering acumen, and years of experience. Doing it safely and efficiently in a way that does not interrupt or bottleneck the rest of your production takes the best in the business. A&A maintains a network of trusted partners who not only perform such tasks regularly, but in many cases set the standards used in the industry, eliminating risks and creating a safer working environment for everyone.


Consulting & Executive coaching


Public speaking doesn’t come naturally to everyone. Add in lights, cameras, an audience of thousands, the press, and it can be even more challenging. A&A’s Executive Producers have coached some of the worlds foremost CEO’s and company figureheads to a stronger more confident stage presence. Whether it be for a massive keynote audience or a critical one-on-one press interview, we know proper preparation and rehearsal with a seasoned objective eye can make all the difference to ensure the right message gets delivered.


Press Events & Corporate meetings


Inward facing and outward facing, controlling your message is critical. A&A is here to help make sure what you have to say gets across correctly. We have over 30 years of experience helping some of the world’s biggest brands announce their news to the press as well as communicate confidentially internally. Doing this well requires skill and experience, but more importantly, a partner and a team you can trust.

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